CED 50th Anniversary Book


June 2020 Update

Registrants for the now-rescheduled 50th Anniversary Celebration Dinner can receive their copy of  Place+Meaning+Experience: 50th Anniversary - College of Environment and Design at the Jackson Street Building by making an appointment with Jennifer Messer.




Who among us doesn’t feel the pull of the places that shaped us?

The idea of producing a book in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the CED came about early in the planning stages. What better way to honor and celebrate the story and stories of the CED and the people linked by their connection to the college than to document these stories? And in documenting this legacy, to create a classic keepsake for the CED community.

professor and students in historic landscape 

The book will be a celebration of sites; actual places that have shaped who we are as a college and as people connected by the college. We chose this methodology because we believe place is fundamental to the disciplines we teach and for which we advocate. We look to place for context, inspiration, and nurturing, whether we are landscape architects, historic preservationists, or urban planners.

The stories in the book were submitted by members of the CED community. The authors were asked to write about places that were meaningful, and through which the CED story could be revealed. As University of Georgia President Jere Morehead says in his foreword to this book, "[w]ho among us doesn’t feel the pull of the places that shaped us?"

Copies of the book will be available at the CED and at 50th Anniversary events. In addition, a digital version of the book will be made available on this page.